Wildlife Rehabilitation

wildlife rehabThe Windward Animal Hospital is committed to the betterment of animal welfare and to the community. One way of doing so is by being a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

Here at the Windward Animal Hospital, we will take in wildlife that has become sick, injured or orphaned for the purpose of rehabilitation and release back into the wild. All such wildlife will be released into it’s proper environment as soon as it can survive on it’s own.

Please Note: No information can be released about a wild animal once it is placed in the care of the Windward Animal Hospital. Check our facebook page, Windward Animal Hospital, for updates.

Continuing his dedication to wildlife and it’s welfare, Dr Colby offers his expertise to the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Dahlonega, Georgia. Thanks to his relationship with the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve, Dr. Colby has had the opportunity to work with many exotic animals including lions, tigers, koala bears and more.

For more information about the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve and their facility in Dahlonega, please click here.